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Longwell Foam is polyurethane foam(PU foam) Products Manufacturer Dedicated to Provide Full Range of Foam Products to Customer From All Over The World.
Shenzhen longwell foam Co.,Ltd. located in Shenzhen China and we are polyurethane foam (PU foam) Products Manufacturer specialized in manufacturing and developing all kinds of polyurethane sponge raw material and sponge products. We have well-equipped testing facilities and the first-class scientific and technical strength,You can buy full range of polyester foam and polyether foam products from Longwell with reasonable prices,our sponge products include packaging sponge,medical sponge,make up sponge,electronic sponge,filter sponge,cleaning sponge,acoustic sponge,memory foam topper and mattress,all PU foam products could be customized.
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Longwell Foam have 3 foaming lines,we can foaming sponges from 10PPI-80PPI,the standard size of block was 1000*2000*750mm,customized foam block also available.
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In order to meet the various customized requirements of customers, we are equipped with a variety of cutting machine equipment, greatly improving efficiency.
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According to customers' requierment,we can offer different shapes of packing foams by molding,all products can be perfectly cutted by cutting machine or CNC.
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Longwell foam Strictly control the quality of foam products,we have sponge performance testing equipment,each batch of foam sponge is inspected for physical properties in the factory to ensure that the delivered sponge fully meets our quality specifications and meets all the requirements of our customers.
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Latest News And Events
Polyurethane Flame Retardant Sponge
December 20,20
Polyurethane Flame Retardant Sponge mainly used in furniture manufacturing, massage equipment manufacturing, baby carriage manufacturing, decoration, car accessories, wall sound-absorbing, insulation pipe, fire doors and fire shutter and other aspects.
Sound-absorbing sponge
December 18,20
Soundproof acoustic foam material has the special concave-convex and honeycomb curved surface structure of the material can weaken the sound wave repeated reflection and reduce the noise transmission.Longwell foam provide you with custom manufactured acou
Open-Cell or Closed-Cell Foam: How to choose it
April 10,20
Which kind of foam is the right one for your needs? This article explains the properties and benefits of open-cell foam and closed-cell foam and how to tell them apart.